Thursday, January 5, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Disney Animal Kingdom was fantastic.  We started our day with a safari.  We saw a ton of animals and even Carter enjoyed the ride.  We went to the Lion King show next and it was the best show in Disney.  The kids were chosen to participate and lead our seating section in elephant noises.  Finding Nemo was fantastic too.  It was only 40 minutes, which is perfect for kids to watch.  Dinoland was Carter's favorite.  He loved digging for dinosaur bones.  He did not enjoy the Dinosaur ride which we forced him on.  We really had no idea that it was going to be so scary.  You can tell by the photo how scared everyone really was when a T-Rex tried to eat us.  Expedition Everest was a fantastic roller coaster.  Gavin was too scared to ride it and was sad about it the whole day.  No amount of coaxing could get him on.  Renée, on the other hand, will ride anything.  We went to a Birds of Flight show and saw all kinds of birds.  We explored the shops of Asia and tried on more hats that we did not buy.  We ate a wonderful dinner at Yak & Yeti, probably my favorite in Disney.  Most of the animal experience and shows end by 5, so we spent the evening riding rides and letting Carter dig for more bones.


Sam took this of me doing what I spent most of the safari doing.

I love how beautiful giraffes are.

There was a whole herd of elephants.

These trees grow in Africa.
The kids getting ready for their part in the Lion King show.

Our elephants.

The monkeys in the show.

The Lion King show was incredible.

Finding Nemo the Musical

I loved the directing fish.

Merlin and Dory

This sea turtle was pretty awesome on stage.

On the way to Dinoland

Carter going from the playground to the digging area.

On their way to becoming paleontologist.

Before the Dinosaur ride

I am chuckling at our expressions.

Mt. Everest in the background.

Poor Gavin not riding Expedition Everest

Watching the Birds of Flight

Bald Eagle

Carter sure loves digging.

On the way to Asia.

Fun with hats.

Renée and Blake playing in the fountain.

Yak & Yedi
One more time on Expedition Everest

Me, Sam, Sydney, and Renée

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