Friday, December 31, 2010

Actual New Years Eve

We started the night at the Magengale’s house for a pasta feast. The Heritage Running Club is running in a New Years Day half-marathon, so we were carb loading. After a few hours there, we took the kids home to be babysat. We headed over to the Spark’s to party. We celebrated with the Nelsons, Killebrews, Anderbauers, and Weights. We played True Colors and had a white elephant gift exchange. Everyone was very creative in their selections. We set off fireworks and then headed home so I could get a few hours sleep before my race.
Mark got some festive jingle wear.  I loves Lindsey's reaction.

Jennifer got a messager from the 50s.  Alycia found it at the Community Store House.  See there are perks to volunteering.

Alycia was without Nick because he was in CA attending his niece's blessing.

The Sparks provided some great fireworks.
Just a little smoky.

Me and Marci

Our first kiss of the new year.

Alycia decided to join in.

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