Friday, December 24, 2010

Sibling Gift Exchange

When we were younger we would do our shopping at the dollar store for each other’s Christmas gifts. This year we decided to revive the tradition, and following tradition we opened the gifts on Christmas Eve. Here are some of the fun shots I got.
Sam with some new teeth.

Two people got Sam the same puzzle.

Lovely Kendra.

Brielle sure loves cats.

Detoxing my feet.

Macho Nick.

Uhhh . . . no comment.

Sam and I with Lee and Nick's sweet gift.

Jeff & Brielle

Dane & Laurel

Jenné & Jace

Kendra looking NICE

Alycia sporting her new headband.

Jenné trying out my gift to her.

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gretchen said...

I love the idea of Dollar tree gifts! How fun.