Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Horseback Riding

Renée chose to go horse back riding on her birthday instead of having a party with friends. I made an appointment with Marshal Creek several weeks ago, but they canceled the morning of our ride. Luckily we live in Texas and we have a lot of horse back riding options. Agave Hurricane Trail Company, which I highly recommend, was able to fit us in at 2. I pulled Gavin, Renée, and Sydney out of school two hours early and Alycia watched Carter for us.
The kids were so excited to be there. We got their early and we watched the horses get saddled up. Renée rode a 22 year old horse, Rebel, that they joke about needing red bull in the morning. When we started out Rebel took Renée back to the stable. The trail took us next to the Trinity River and was pretty. I sure it is gorgeous in the spring when all the trees have their leaves. Renée talked to the cowboy pulling up the rear the entire way, accept for when she and Sydney were singing. At another point along the way Rebel decided to go another way. She had to be rounded up again. The kids loved their experience and showed no fear. Sydney is already saying she wants to go horse back riding for her birthday.


russ katie mia & george said...

how fun! i grew up riding horses, and this post just took me back to my childhood. this is something that your kids will always remember. i'd say this is much better than a birthday party!

sweet mama entropy said...

that looks like such a fun birthday, especially for a little girl who loves horses as much as renee does :)