Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

The kids let us sleep in until 7, which was really nice of them. Then when everyone was ready they came running downstairs and tore into the presents. After we opened all of our presents and emptied out our stockings, we ate our Multaschen. We spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys and enjoying our time together.

Gavin's new bike.

I love Renée's little smile in this photo.

Who wouldn't want to make crayons?

Tinkertoys that came in a drum.

Grandma Debbie made all the kids caps in their favorite colors.

Night vision goggles were what Gavin wanted Santa to bring him most of all.

Carter sporting safety goggles with his new nail gun.

My new bigger kitchen aid!

The table runner that my mom quilted for Sam and I.

Christmas chaos.

Filled stockings.

even more stockings.

Jewelry from my kids.  They picked it out from me at Sam Moon.

Apfel Multaschen

Kendra and Renée trying out the new make up kit.

Don't they look beautiful.

Sam and the boys building a space craft out of legos.

The best part about Christmas is staying in your PJs all day long.

Pap-pap and Carter building a dump truck.

Austin gave himself a make over with a marker.

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