Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I started the New Year with a Half Marathon. A couple of guys in my ward put together a group and started running together. I joined them for long runs and I really had to push myself to keep up. It worked and I beat my previous half marathon time by almost four minutes. My time was 1:52:43, which put my in second place in my age group. I was awarded a Champagne glass that says WINNER. After a long hot bath, Alycia, Sam, and I made pork, naddles, mashed potatoes, and sour kraut. It is our traditional New Years German feast.
I don't know the first three people, but they are Scott's friends.  Tim, me, Ben, Scott, Brett, and Jonathan.  We call ourselves the Heritage Running Club.
My winners glass and medal.

Jonathan and Brett took first in their age groups.  Ben and Tim beat us all.

I even let them eat in the dining room.

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