Monday, January 24, 2011

Gavin is 8!

Gavin had a very busy birthday. He started the day with an eight pancake. Carter and I brought cookies and juice to school. After school Sam took Gavin to the shooters club and he shot a 22 for the first time. He loved it and came home all excited. We went to Jalapeno’s for dinner because Gavin loves to go out to eat for Mexican. I think it has to do with bottomless chips. After dinner, the Nelson’s came over and we ate dirt cake and Gavin opened his presents.
8 pancake

We brought cookies and juice to Gavin's class.  The class was singing to him when I took this picture.

At the Shooters Club

Gavin's target after shooting at it.

Eating dinner at Jalapeno's.

I couldn't resist posting this one with Carter's mouth so full.

Gavin requested dirt cake.  I put it in mason jars so he wouldn't blow cookie crumbs everywhere.

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russ katie mia & george said...

bottomless chips rule, gavin! and so do you! happy 8th seems like you were just born...