Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time Out For Women

I really needed a time out with Sam gone and everything else I have going.  Natalie Pray let my kids sleep over (it was what she put in the service auction).  Then Mary watched the kids the rest of the day until Spencer picked them up for the horse race.  Carter ended up sleeping with Natalie.  She threatened him that if he didn't stop talking he would have to sleep with her.  He jumped right up and said, "okay," and followed her to bed:)  Time Out for Women was inspiring as alway.  It was also fun to have some girl time.  We ate dinner out on Friday night and Amber brought us a yummy lunch on Saturday.  Jayne, Michalann, Kelli, and I slept at a hotel together so we really did get away from it all.
Michalann and Lindsey
Kelli and Jayne
Kris and me 

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