Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ride For Heros

I rode in my first bike race. It was 44 miles in Aledo. I wasn't going to ride because Sam is out of town, but Kris talked her husband into letting my kids sleep over and watching them while we rode in the race. I was really nervous at the beginning having so many bikes around me. (I don't have the best track record with balance.) After a few miles the road cleared out and we had a great time. Carrie waited for us at mile 38 so we could finish together.  One big surprise was the chilly weather for a Texas April morning.
Kelli and Carrie at the start.

me and Kris at the start

I took this while riding.

Kelli at the rest stop.

Carrie was probably waiting a really long time for us.

me, ready to get this thing finished

mmm banana
We made it!  Kelli, Carrie, Kris, and me

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