Friday, April 6, 2012

Museum Day

Sam and the kids had the day off from work and school so we visited the Kimbell Art Museum and the Science Museum.  The Kimbell has an Impressionism exhibit that is fantastic.  I wanted the kids to see it and they did pretty well there.  I got to practice my new tour giving skills on them.  The kids wanted to go back to Grossology and Carter didn't even throw a fit this time.  The kids had a great time digging in the dino dig area.  We also got Carter into the planetarium.  It that past he has freaked out and wouldn't go in.  This time we took him in just to see the room and show him the equipment an hour before our show.  He still won't go on the Energy Blast ride, but we are making progress.  We ate dinner at Blue Mesa.  (I love their sweet potato chips.)  Carter drank his carmel dipping sauce out of the metal cup it was served in and it left a big ring on his face.  He keeps us laughing.

Gavin and Renee in front of the Kimbell.  (I hate the statue.)

Carter playing operation.  I don't think even my kids could lose these pieces.

Gavin playing a game in Grossology.

Carter looking for bones.

Renee is really handy with a brush.

Gavin is making the water spray with that handle.

Our messy boy.

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