Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fort Worth Arts Festival

Last year I went to the arts festival with Carter on a Thursday morning.  We had a wonderful time.  I wanted to go back this year, but with my busy schedule I didn't make it there until Saturday afternoon.  I talked Lindsey into coming with her kids too since her husband was out of town too.  It was a horrible idea.  It was so backed with people you couldn't even see the art.  Lindsey's kids hated it even more than my kids because they aren't used to being around art.  So there was a lot of complaining about walking,  needing to use the bathroom, being bored, and having to wait 45 minutes to get on a bus to get back to our vans (even though they promised busses ever 20 minute).  The first bus to pull up we got on and then after finding out it was the wrong one, everyone got off.  I thought I had everyone until I realized that Carter wasn't with me.  I had to bang on the closed bus door to get him back.  He was happily sitting in the back of the bus.  I left down town frustrated and annoyed with my kids and the crappy time we had.  Ice cream can make everything better.  After dinner and ice cream at Braum's we went home in a much better mood.  Only one more week until Sam gets home.  

They do love the kinetic art.

Learning CPR.

No, I will not buy that for your room.

Seriously, how much ice cream can you get on your face and shirt?

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