Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yellowstone 5am Driving Tour

The one thing my mom wanted to do on our vacation was to get into Yellowstone before sunrise so we could see more animals.  That meant getting up at 5am and we were loaded up by 5:30.  Dane and his family decided to opt out of this tour because of their babies.  We saw a lot of buffalo, bear, and elk.  We drove the major loop around the park which took us about 9 hours with all our stops.  Here are the highlights.

When we got back to the cabin we had our own sacrament meeting.  There are some perks to your dad being a bishop.  We shared our testimonies and the kids sang some songs for us.
So early that the moon is still up.

It is really cold in the morning here.

Yellowstone Falls

A buffalo right next to our suv.

Grizzly Bears

The smell was a little intense.

Lake Yellowstone

Renee and GG.

Sam sleeping along the way.

Yellowstone Junior Rangers!

Blake Bear

Gavin in Sam's hat.

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