Saturday, August 4, 2012

Island Park - Hiking, the Theatre, and Shooting

In the morning the men went fishing and Alycia and I took our kids hiking on coffeepot rapids trail.  It was a nice flat three mile trail.  After lunch the Sheppards (minus Carter who wanted to stay with Pap-pap) and the Nelsons went to the Playmill Theater to see Annie Get Your Gun.  Renee got kissed on staged and was thrilled.  Trey had the same honor and we really mad about it.  It was a really tiny theater which made the performance really fun.  After dinner we went shooting.  After all the kids had a turn Nick took home all the kids and the adult got to play.

Best of friends Renee and Sydney

Gavin and Blake

It is hard to believe that Carter and Trey are only three months apart.

Waiting for the play to start.

Renee's first kisses:)

In West Yellowstone.

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My dad and his pistol.
Uncle Dane and Renee.

Pap-pap and Carter

Pap-pap and Renee

Renee, Trey, and Carter

Aunt Laurel and Carter

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