Friday, August 3, 2012

Island Park - Fishing and Hiking

We split up today and did some different activities.  The dads and the kids went fishing.  Renee was the only one who caught a fish.  Alycia, Kendra, and I went hiking.  We went 9 miles!  Island Park, Idaho sure is beautiful.  
Pap-pap and Carter


Gavin, Trey, Pap-pap, Sydney, Dane, and Carter

Uncle Dane and Renee with her fish!

Uncle Dane trying to get Renee to kiss the fish.

Carter fishing on a rock.
Trail head to our hike.

Off we go.  It was rough keeping up with Alycia's long legs.

We had to cross a stream.

Kendra and Alycia

Kendra and me
Alycia and me

Carter, Trey, Renee, Sydney, and Weston.

Blake, Zoey, and Gavin

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