Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Island Park, Idaho

We slept in after our late night driving.  Sam is still on Texas time so he was up at 7 but the rest of slept in until 9.  After our hotel continental breakfast we took showers and travelled to Idaho Falls to do some grocery shopping.  Sam took the kids to the park while I called the principal of Saginaw Elementary for a phone interview.  After the principle told me about the job he offered me the position.  Sue dropped off my professional portfolio yesterday, so I guess he was impressed:)  It is a part time position so I will be working three hours a day.  I am really excited about it.  After my good news we visited Kendra in Rexburg and then drove to our rental cabin in Island Park, ID.  We are having a Gampe family reunion.  My parents, Alycia's family, Dane's family, and Kendra are with us.  After dinner the kids hit the hot tub.
Sydney, Renee, Blake, Gavin, Trey, and Carter

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