Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim Team

I signed Gavin and Renée up for swim team this summer.  My neighbors were doing it and I am all about car pooling.  They started on Monday and their first meet was Friday.  They both were in the 25 free and 25 back.  Renée still stops to breath while she swims free so her back stroke time was faster than her free.  She was last in both events, but she thinks she won.  Gavin and his friend Tyler were doing pull ups on the starting blocks, and missed the start.  Gavin was in last place, but I don't think he noticed.  Those were the 17th, 35th, and 38th events.  Gavin's next even was 90 so we went to McDonald's to get some dinner.  The coaches told them it would be at about 9:00.  We got back at 8:30 and he missed the event.  He was disappointed, but plans to swim fast next week.  Swim meets are painfully long and poor Carter did pretty good watching in the stands with me.  

Renée's Results:
Girls 6 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle 10th of 10
Girls 6 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke 9th of 9
Gavin's Results:
Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke 17th of 17
Renée is in the white cap.

Waiting for her next race.

Renée swiming back stroke.

Gavin waiting for his turn.

Gavin competing in the back stroke.


Natasha said...

Where are you doing swim team? I want to get my kids in one next summer. I would like to know what you think so far.

russ katie mia & george said...

i love those little fishes!