Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing Sam

Sam left for Maryland on Tuesday morning and will be working there for three weeks.  He will work seven days a week and long hours so we aren't going to go join him.  He had an interview with Bell Helicopter before he left, so we are hoping that the job works out.  If it doesn't, he will be back for a short time and will return to Maryland until October.  After that it is up in the air whether he will stay in Maryland or come and work in Texas again.

We talk to him on the phone every night.  The kids spend quite a bit of time telling him about their day. 
I am trying to survive being a single parent.  I am glad that school is about to be out and we can just have a relaxed summer.  I am working two nights a week, so that gets me out of the house and doing something I love.  Here is their website.  The thing I miss most right now, besides Sam, is working out in the morning with my friends.  I used to go before Sam left for work.  Now I am not really doing anything.  I did look at my P90X box.  Maybe I can motivate myself to do something before I go to bed.


Larissa (Weyandt) Hoover said...

That art class is awesome! I wish they had something like that around here! I'm glad you found something so you can get away and be creative.

Jill said...

Wow! I cannot believe he's leaving for that long. I'm so sorry! That's definitely got to be a challenge. I have to call and get more of an update. Sorry it's been so long. hang in there girl! You can do it.

russ katie mia & george said...

i'm glad sam is BACK! i bet those 3 weeks were painfully long. and your job looks awesome! i'm so proud of you :).