Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We are so thankful that we got Sam back just in time for Father's Day. I actually sent a gift to the hotel in Maryland. Luckily it came before he left. After church the kids and I gave him a home made tape measure that each of the kids wrote a message on. The primary records the kid's responses and put them in the church bulletin. This is what our kids said:
My Dad's Age: Carter - 6, Renée - 29, Gavin - 40 something
My Dad's Job is: Carter - going to Maryland to fix helicopters, Renée - runs companies, Gavin - working on helicopters
My Dad's Favorite Food: Carter - chicken and meat, Renée - earth muffins, Gavin - spicy food
My dad is really good at: Carter - tools, fixing tools, Renée - work, Gavin - helping me with small machines that we make together
I like it When My Dad: Carter - drills some tools, Renée - plays wii with me, Gavin - plays with me
If could buy anything for my Dad, it would be: Carter - a tool costume, Renée - his own TV, Gavin - a roadster
June 19th is also our anniversary.  We made it 12 years.  We will be celebrating with Swedish messages later in the week!

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Erika Sullivan said...

I love your wall color! I love how it just brightens up your whole house! And good job on making it 12 years!