Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing Queen

Renée danced in her first recital with her cousin, Sydney.  It was four hours and 15 minutes of pure torture.  Renée, of course, was adorable during the six minutes she was on stage.  She was in three dances and the finale.  She is in green for tap, rainbow for jazz, and pink for ballet.  In between her ballet and the finale, she broke her crown.  This caused plenty of tears.  She ended the performance on a high note because another girl in her class wasn't wearing her crown either.  My poor boys did really well although at one point Carter picked up a stranger's soda can and took a swig.  He hasn't learned social boundaries.  All in all, Renée had a great experience in dance.
Renée waving to me during the performance.

Sydney and Renée doing a hip bump.

Our little tap stars.

Ready for jazz.

I love Renée's pose here.

Sydney and Renée's final pose.

They are so cute!

Ballet princess.


Debbie said...

She is so pretty in our of the costumes. I'm glad she enjoyed herself.

russ katie mia & george said...

i LOVE that you described the recital as PURE TORTURE! mia had her recital last weekend, and we felt the same way, except ours was 2 hours :). of course we were ecstatic to see mia doing her thang up on stage! renee is a beautiful little dancer. tell her she's lucky it was just her crown that broke. one little girl at mia's recital had a costume malfunction, and her her costume completely fell off!!!