Saturday, April 16, 2011

Warrior Dash

I did another obstacle race.  It was a lot of fun with so many of my friends.  Alycia and I stayed together and kicked butt:)  After the race and a hose down with a firehose, we went to the Twisted Root for a late lunch.
Alycia and I before the race.

Our group before the race.

Alycia and I right before the finish.

Drexmore Road Runners

Front: Kelli, Laura, her sister, monkey (we don't know him he jumped the picture) Alycia Back: me Zach, Lindsey, & Mark

Me & Alycia

Zach, me, Alycia, Kelli, Marci, Jayne

Marci, Mark, & Lindsey at the Twisted Root

Zach, me, & Alycia

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