Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Tree

One of our trees died in the front yard.  We have to have two because of our HOA.  Nick told us to get a cedar elm so the boys and I worked on digging the hole.  Our dirt is terrible.  It was about 30 percent boulders.  It was exhausting but we got the job done.  It was an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day.

and more digging

My helper boys

Arron and Gavin got a little too into the digging.

Here comes the tree!

Can you believe Sam got it home like that.

Carter checking out the new tree in the van.

Our new Cedar Elm.


Brielle said...

I can't believe Sam brought that home in the van!

Scott Sheppard said...

Pulled in like a true Sheppard. Way to go guys! Does it look good planted?