Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Trot

Last year Alycia, Nick, and I participated in Fort Worth’s Turkey Trot. We had a fun time but the race was unorganized and it was a pain going into the city when we still had a big meal to prepare. Alycia had the idea to host our own Turkey Trot this year. We charged $10 for the 10K and $3 for the fun run. Alycia was in charge of money and refreshments. I designed the course and made signs. Great idea right? Well, the day before Thanksgiving it was 80°. When we ran the race it was in the 30s with horrible winds. I opened my garage at 6:30am so we could start marking the course with signs and the wind hit me and I though, “we must be crazy.” My biggest fear was that someone would get lost because one of the signs blew away. Even in the cold it was a blast (literally). We had 10 people run the 10K in the following times:
Matthew 48:19
Todd 48:49
Brent 50:51
Tim 51:10
Tiffany 53:54
Glade 53:55
Nick 53:55
Alycia 58:18
Kelli 58:18
Spencer 63:01 (it was the farthest he ever ran)
Cory 63.02
No one got lost and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Everyone had fantastic times!
We had over 30 people participate in the fun run. It was a tough course because I live at the top of a hill, but everyone made it back. We have been asked to host again next year. We think we will add a 5K so more running levels can participate.  Here are some of the highlights.

10K start Spencer Rhoades, Cory Rhoades, Tim Porter, Brett Massengale, Mathew Jones, Nick Nelson, Todd Weight, Glade Nelson, Kelli Price, Alycia Nelson, and me.

After we finished!
Lining up for the 1 mile fun run.

The other half of the fun runners.
Renée, Sam, and Jinx finishing the 1 mile.
Gavin and Blake coming in strong.
Me and Carter finishing the 1 mile.
It was so cold that Carter ate his donut with his mittens on.

Aycia and I after planning it all and surviving it.

Sam and I showing off our medals.

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russ katie mia & george said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL!?!?!?! just reading about your life wears me out :). you are amazing!