Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bird Feeders

It was my turn to teach preschool and we learned about birds. We made bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. They don’t do these in school any more because too many kids have peanut allergies. Living in Texas, I had to buy pinecones. The only ones I could find were the ones scented like cinnamon. As I was laying out the supplies I though, “I must be crazy to do this with six four year olds.” They did really great aside from eating a lot of peanut butter. I am not sure why my photos are grainy. I must have had the ISO set too high.






russ katie mia & george said...

you're such a good teacher. my kids love making these, and surprisingly we have lots of pine trees in vegas, so we don't even have to buy cinnamon pinecones!

Susan Staus said...

That's so fun! JJ did that last year in preschool and even though the pine cone is empty it's still hanging up. Guess we should take it down.

jenhatch said...

SO cute!! Ours is still hanging on our lone, sad tree and going strong! No birds yet... but I did see Nolan out there once picking at it!

{{Say, do you still have Nolan's blue paint shirt? It wasn't in the bin?}}