Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I went out for a bike ride and came home to five messages on my phone. All were regarding Gavin, who had a yellow plastic BB stuck in his ear. His story was that he was laying down on the ground at recess looking at the body of an ant and it just fell in there.  (Because that could really happen.)  After trying to contact me, the school nurse called my emergency contact, Alycia. Alycia wasn't willing to drive four hours to pick him up, so he just had to wait for me to get back. When I picked him up I took him over to Linsdey's house to use Mark's medical kit (he is a dentist). We tried three different tweezers until we finally found a pair that would work. Lindsey put lidocaine in his ear because we scratched him up a bit with the tweezers. Gavin was freaking out saying that he couldn't take it and that he just wanted to wait until he grew and it fell out.  The whole process probably took five minutes and he was completely fine after we pulled it out.  Hopefully it was a bad enough experience that he won't stick anything else in his ears. 

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russ katie mia & george said...

again, i love that you take pictures of traumatic experiences. it's not quite the toilet seat on the head thing...maybe you should have taken a picture with the bb still in his ear. the bb fell in his ear?? uh-huh. i'm sure you believed that one!