Sunday, July 17, 2011

GG and PapPap in Texas

My mom was able to spend two weeks with us in Texas and my dad was here for one week.  We love having them here and had a great time. 
My mom loves the pool and spent about three hours there with Carter one day while I was running Gavin and Renée to swim team.  She sang with him, played games with him, and after a while he asked, "GG didn't you bring a book?"  She responded that she did and Carter said, "Well, don't you think it is time for you to read it."  He also grabbed her arm and said, "GG, you are rubbery." 
My poor mom had a lupus flare from being in the sun and spent the second week of her trip on steroids.  We were disappointed that we couldn't do everything we planned, but we still had fun being together.
Carter was assigned a talk at church and my dad was able to help him.  Enjoy the video.
We played a lot of dominoes.

PapPap set up a science lab (he is a high school biology teacher)

Carter wore his safety goggles to the pool.

Swimming with the kids.

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