Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Waterpark

Having season passes, we haven’t spent too many weekends at NRH2o. Alycia and I usually went about twice a week some time between Monday and Thursday. Now that school is in session, NRH2o is only open on the weekends. We spent Saturday morning at the water park and it wasn’t even too crowded. We took these photos with the underwater camera. The quality isn’t great but we are able to take pictures anywhere in the park.
Syd and Renée sitting on Sam in the lazy river.
Gavin relaxing in the lazy river.
Carter and Trey playing in the wave pool.
Sam and Renée getting washed to shore.
Blake and Gavin hanging on in the wave pool.
Our beautiful girls.
Carter only want to ride with me.  I have no idea why he has a life vest on.  This was the only time this summer.
Renée and I rode the Green Extreme together.  It is the first drop of the ride.  See what I mean about taking the camera anywhere in the park.
Blake and Gavin underwater.
Gavin underwater with his eyes wide open.
Alycia, Trey, and Nick enjoying the lazy river.

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