Monday, June 25, 2012

Science Museum of Oklahoma

The Science Museum in Oklahoma City is fabulous.  Because we have a membership to the Fort Worth Science Museum, we were able to get six tickets for free to the Oklahoma museum.  The kids had a blast and we stayed for several hours.  We all got to ride segways which was first for me.  Gavin was fascinated by the bed of nails and took it upon himself to run it like it was an amusement park ride.  There is a button that you push while you lay down and Gavin would push it for the kid laying on the bed.  A chubby kid was next and line and Gavin asked him if he was over 300 pounds, because if he was he wouldn't be aloud to ride (It was posted on the front of the bed.)  I really hope the boy wasn't offended.  Alycia and I think he should work at six flags as a teenager.  He likes the power.  

Tornado simulator

Pumping a ball up the Gravity Tower.

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