Saturday, June 9, 2012

Collin Classic

My girlfriends and I rode the Collin Classic. 60 miles took Lindsey and me 3 hours and 50 minutes. It was really hot, and 60 miles was really tough, but we made it!  Most interesting thing we saw was a huge bird, maybe a hawk or a falcon, swooped down and flew right into a bike ahead of us.  It bounced off landing on the road and just sat there looking quite stunned.  Kris and Kelli said they saw it fly off, so it was okay.    Never thought I would see a bird get hit by a bike.  Especially such a large bird.
Lindsey, Kris, Kelli, and me before the race.
At the start line.
Lindsey took this of me while she was ride.  (She has excellent balance)
Rest stop at mile 40.  We rubbed ourselves down with melting ice, filled out bottles with ice and water, and even got a  popsicle.  
We made it!
Lunch after the race.  Kris, me, and Kelli

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