Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines Day Birthday

I had a fabulous birthday! Sam made me a 33 pancake.  The kids got their heart shaped box of chocolates and ate them for breakfast.  After the kids left for school I opened my huge pile of presents from my sisters and friends.  I was given such great gifts.  Thank you!  I got a message and then went out to lunch with Wendy, Rachel, and Yumiko.  When Sam got home from work, I got to open the gift that the kids picked out for me at Sam Moon (an accessories store).  My biggest surprise was the MacBook Pro, which I am using right now.  Sam asked me what I wanted on Sunday night, so I wan't expecting much of anything.  I really am so excited to have a new computer and this is my first laptop.  Kris and Peter invited us for dinner and Kris made an amazing dinner of filet mignon, ravioli in alfredo sauce, stuffed baked potatoes, salad, and pink fluffy stuff.  I brought cheesecake to blow out my 33 candles on.  My birthday really was a great one.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make it so special.
My birthday pancake.

Chocolate for breakfast.

Carter isn't complaining.  

Renee's box message is so fitting.

She wore a heart tattoo on her cheek.
My pile of presents.

My fun gifts.

My necklace with matching earrings that my kids picked out for me.

So excited!

No, the fire alarm did not go off.

I love cheesecake.

Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Kris!

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katierose said...

first...you had a kick ass birthday! second...renee's dress is awesome! third...i love you.