Friday, February 24, 2012

Fake Valentines

Sam and I don't celebrate Valentines Day on Feb. 14th.  We usually pick a Friday sometime after the date.  We do this because;  I am bratty enough to want my birthday to be all about me, restaurants are a nightmare on Valentines Day, and you can get heart shaped boxes of candy on sale.  Texas de Brazil sends me a birthday coupon for a free dinner every year, so it has now become tradition for us to go there for dinner.  I love you Sam and I love celebrating our love with half priced candy and all you can eat meat.  Thanks to Pinterst, I made Sam this awesome valentine.  I am sure all his co-workers will be jealous of it sitting on his desk.
After seeing what I made for Sam, Gavin asked me to make one for his girl friend Sydney Taylor.  I told her mom that we would be over after school and Sydney opened the door the second he knocked.  She gave him a heart shaped cookie and a note professing her love.  I am not encouraging my nine year old's romance, but I do want to teach him to give the girl he loves thoughtful gifts.

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The Collingwood Family said...

That is darling! I'm going to make one for Jerry next year! Thanks for a great party - the kids had a lot of fun and the painting was so cute!