Friday, December 30, 2011


We drove through the night to get to Miami to see Brielle, Jeff, Austin, and Bennett.  After a much needed night sleep, we hit the beach.  The water temps were in the 70s, which was too cold for me, but not for the kids.  The air was in the 80s.  The kids played in the sand a lot and had a wonderful time.  Alycia's kids hadn't been to the beach for a really long time, so it was exciting and new.  My kids could live at the beach, so we had a great afternoon.

Gavin and Blake burying Trey in the sand.

Crazy Carter.

Austin and Carter getting attacked by a wave.

The Sheppards

Brielle spent most of her time like this under the umbrella.

Sydney and Renée (best of friends)

A very sandy Austin.


Bennett is such a sweet happy baby.

Gavin feeding Blake after he buried him.


Carter's really sandy ear.

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