Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York City with Jenné

My sister, Jenné, scored a sweet broadcasting internship at CBS.  When I found out she would be staying in New York City for seven weeks I mentioned it to Sam.  His response was, "I guess this means you are going to New York."  Don't I have the best husband?  I have always loved New York City and grew up three hours from there.  I would drive up with friends and explore for the day when I was in high school.  I have always wanted to live there, but Sam's job where plans are tested, usually isn't done over major cities, so I have to settle for visits.
I arrived on Thursday morning, dropped off my stuff at Jenné's place and hit the first museum on my list.  The Frick Collection is a gem in NY and one of my favorite collections.  After my museum fix I met Jenné at the CBS office building.  We wondered around, did some window shopping, and ate yummy Italian food.  Jenné is staying at The I-House, which is kind of like a dorm.  It was the smallest bedroom I have ever seen.  We slept together in the twin sized bed because there wasn't even room on the floor for me to sleep.
Friday was a museum day for me.  Jenné had to work so I got to do what I wanted.  I actually enjoy traveling alone.  I started with the Metropolitan Museum and stayed for five hours.  Next I hit the Modern Art Museum and got to see some of my favorites including Van Gogh's Starry Night.  Jenné and I scored awesome student rush tickets to Billy Elliot.  Broadway shows never stop amazing me.  We loved it.
Jenné works Saturdays because she works on the weekend news, so I was off to another museum.  I saw the Guggenheim.  I ate a piece of cheese cake for lunch from Two Little Red Hens.  It is rated to be the number one cheese cake in New York.  I wasn't disappointed.  I got another student rush ticket for Blue Man Group.  I was in a $100 seat for less than $30.  The show was awesome and uniquely entertaining.  After my show I walked around Chelsea touring art galleries.  I saw some amazing art and some truly awful art.  Chelsea is artsy and fun.  Jenné and I met in time square and then headed to China Town for dinner.  After dinner we ate dessert at Max Brenner, which is my new favorite restaurant.  A restaurant devoted to chocolate, is a restaurant made for me.
On Sunday my parents met me in the city.  It was a great way to celebrate Mother's Day.  I can't remember the last time I was with my mom on Mother's Day.  The best part was that I didn't have to be the mom for the day:)  I got to see Memphis with my parents and we met Jenné for dinner for Italian. 
On Monday, Jenné finally had a day off work so we were able to spend the day together.  We started with the 9/11 preview museum.  The real museum wasn't open yet.  We saw ground zero and all the construction that is going on.  We visited Battery Park and took the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty.  We went shopping in China town and ate lunch at a charming little restaurant.  We went back to Max Brenner because I couldn't resist.  That evening we saw Chicago.  We were so excited but when Christie Brinkley started singing Jenné looked at me and mouthed, "Oh No."  It was terrible.  Christie cannot sing, act, or dance.  It was the first Broadway show I have been to that hasn't blown me away.  It was also the first Broadway show that I have been to that the audience didn't give a standing ovation.  We were so dissapointed.
Tuesday was my last day there but Jenné had off so we rented bikes and road through central park.  It was so much fun and something I have never done before. Central park is beautiful. We had one last lunch together and then I was headed back to Texas.
Thank you Jenné for a wonderful time.  I feel like this trip really helped us get closer.  Thank you Sam for encouraging me to go.  Thank you to Melanie, Sue, and Alycia for helping out with my kids.

The Frick Collection is one of my favorite museums in NYC and the first stop on my self guided tour.

Jenné in front of our favorite toy store.

My name sake.

View from the top of the Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan Museum

Starry Night at The Modern
Jenné ate her first cannoli.

I love cannolis!
The first show I saw was Billy Elliot.  It was amazing.
Guggenheim Museum

Cheesecake from Two Little Red Hens

I passed this t-shirt on the street and couldn't resist snapping a photo.

I loved Blue Man Group.

I visited a ton of art galleries in Chelsea.

Time Square
Jenné introduced me to Max Brenner.  I got to dip this ice cream pop into melted chocolate and toppings.  It was like eating chocolate with an ice cream spoon. 
Jenné chose Italian Hot Chocolate

My parents

me in time square

Memphis with my parents
Jenné and I got to go out to dinner with my parents for Mother's Day.

Construction at ground zero.

Model of what will be built at ground zero.

View from Battery Park.
The Staten Island Ferry takes you right past the Statue of Liberty and it is free.

View of The Statue of Liberty from the ferry.

China Town

Squash filled ravioli.  Probably my favorite NYC meal this trip.

Jenné enjoying onion soup.

Max Brenner is my new favorite dessert restaurant.

Chocolate Egg Rolls

Jenné and I saw Chicago and it was horrible.

Time Square at night.

Biking in central park.

View from our bike ride.

me in central park.

mmm gyro


sweet mama entropy said...

that looks like such a fun trip!! i love nyc! (i haven't been there nearly enough, though :)

Amy said...

You are so cool! This looks like a wonderful trip and I am glad you got to get away and just be Tiffany!

jenhatch said...

SO much fun!!! I've always wanted to go there, now I know who to ask of where to go. That squash ravioli looks awesome!! I think I'd eat my way through the whole city. Restaurants to me like museums are to you!

P.s. I saw the picture of the Cannoli from the thumbnail on FB and thought it was a black bean burrito... I scoured the blog til I found it and I'm sorry to say I was bummed when i found out it wasn't a BBBurrito. Man, I'm pathetic!