Saturday, October 16, 2010

Palo Duro Day 3

The reason for our trip was Alycia and I were running in the Palo Duro 20K (12.5 mile) Trail Run. It was Alycia’s first time running more than 10 miles and my first time running in a trail race. We got there late and barely made it to the starting line in time. The first three miles were rough because we couldn’t pass people and we weren’t even going close to our normal pace. Eventually we passed enough people that we were able to break away. The trail was beautiful and I only fell once. We did it in 2 hours and 10 minutes. We were girls 8 and 9, so not so bad for our first trail race. We loved the trail running atmosphere and look forward to doing another one.
Alycia and I got to relax at camp while our husbands took the kids on more hikes. We did do a short hike that took us from the top of the canyon into the bottom. We brought two cars so we wouldn’t have to hike back up. That night the kids had a ton of fun playing Frisbee and with the fire. We had wonderful warm berry cobbler. I am getting hungry thinking about it.

At the finish line.

The kids came to cheer us on.

We earned these hats as finisher's prizes.

Carter sure loves to play in the dirt and be dirty.  This whole we next to our camp and he spent most of his time there.

The view from the rim of the canyon before our hike down.  It is the 2nd largest canyon in the USA.

Man, 120° is really hot!

Carter loves fruit punch!

All the kids playing Frisbee.

The girls eating their cobbler in the firewood boxes.

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120 degF sure is hot for October!