Friday, October 15, 2010

Palo Duro Day 2

Our first night didn’t go so well because Renée threw up in the tent, twice. Our air mattress deflated so we didn’t sleep well even when Renée stopped throwing up. The next morning I drove the 30 minutes to Walmart to get Renée new PJs, a sleeping bag, and a new air mattress for us. She wasn’t sick, just too many smores.
That afternoon we went hiking again. We made it about 4 ½ miles. Carter had to be carried a little bit, but everyone did great. The canyon is so beautiful.
Alycia and Nick with their kids met us there that night. Alycia and I went to the prerace dinner to carb load.

Carter called this camo hat his hiding hat.

Gavin sure loves to climb. 

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