Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Win for the Scorpions

Carter, the scorpion mascot, and Renee cheered the Scorpions onto another win.  It was 80 degrees on Friday but today it dipped down to a high of 52 degrees.  We were freezing!  Gavin is loving being a lineman and has no desire to run the ball.  When the Scorpions are ahead by 30 they let anyone who wants to take a turn running the ball but Gavin told me he likes to do what he is good at.  After the game I waited for Gavin to finish with the post game talk by the coaches.  Sam carried my cheerleading bin back to his car for me.  He left with Carter and Renee not realizing that my phone and keys were in my cheerleading bin.  I do not have Sam's cell number memorized and knew he would never check the answering machine on our home phone.  Luckily one of Gavin's team mates was able to give us a ride home.
Carter the scorpion (costume made by Brielle)

Renee sitting on her cheer bucket.

Gavin in the red shoes.

Carter helping out with the chains.

Renee freezing

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