Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boston Day 1 - Visiting the Sparks

One of best friends, Katie, and I decided to meet in Boston to visit, explore, and be together after years and year apart.  (We were in art education together at BYU.)  This trip was two years in the making and there were several times I doubted it would actually happen.  Well it did and I loved every minute of it.  Nine months ago our friends from Texas moved to Boston, so I extended my trip a little on each end and got to visit with the Sparks.

I took a cheap red eye flight into Boston on Wednesday morning (1am).  I flew on Spirit airlines, where they nickel and dime you, but it was still several hundred cheaper than any other airline.  Jeremiah picked me up at 6am and brought me their home.  Marci and Jeremiah treated me to fantastic bakery muffins and I had a relaxing morning catching up on sleep and not being the mom:)  I did make it out for a run around their lake and took some pictures of the graveyard next door.

That evening they took me into the city, they live just outside of Boston.  We ate at Neptune where I had an amazing lobster roll.  (It is the lobster meat from two and a half lobsters served on bread that is covered in melted butter.)  It was amazing!  Then they introduced me to Mike's Pastry Shop where fantastic cannolis are sold.  I love cannolis!

View from the Spark's kitchen window.

Next door neighbors.  Very cool gravestones that date back to the 1600s.

Marci and me in front of Neptune.  I passed on the oysters.

Mike's Pastry Shop cannolis

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