Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 36.6!

After 36 years of playing second fiddle to Christmas, Sam decided to officially change his birthday. He selected August 20th, because he has always wanted a summer birthday.  I did warn him that I am only celebrating once a year and there will be no mention of his birthday come December.  We started early with presents. 

Carter gave Sam blow darts.

Renée chose green glass rocks.

Gavin selected a torch.

I picked out this guitar.  He has been mentioning that he has always wanted one.
That evening we celebrated at Blue Mesa with some of our friends.  The adult session of stake conference was that night, so we ate dinner, went to conference, and then came back to our house for strawberry rhubarb pie.  (It was my first time making it, but it was okay.)
Marci and Jeremiah

Mark was out of town so Lindsey joined the Sparks.

Michalann and Jerry

Jeremiah took this lovely photo of Sam and I.

Ben and Sue

Kris and Peter

Spencer and Susan did tag team with the kids, so Susan joined us for pie.

Time for pie.

The kids wanted to sing and watch Sam blow out candles, so we did a retake the next day.

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